The Vision

Our desire is to bring the KIDZ to life, which will take patience, execution, & most importantly... a loyal community. Our goal as a project is to solidify ourselves as a top tier cartoon brand… to be seen in toy stores, comics, tv shows, video games & more. We want these characters to be seen by the world, but the question will stand…

Will you be a part of our journey to get there?


Episode 1 - The Eternal Flame

Damn it, another

weekend eating

junk food and

playing video

games, I want

something new!

Dude you can’t

just ask for new

experiences, you

have to go out and

try them

Action 1

Your brother is

right! Look Dom I

already drank my

fourth energy


and I’m

BURNING! ha ha

Action 1

Holy shit!

My backpack

is burning too,

what the hell?

Action 1

Damn it Dom!

Why do you have

fire in your


Action 1

What the….

Action 1

What the fuck,

Did they...


Action 1




Action 1

Definitely not

at home, come with

me, looks like these

flames around our

arms don’t burn

us at all

Action 1

cosmos Logo

Cosmos Kidz are a collection of 6,060 NFTs (non-fungible-tokens) that consist of hundreds of different traits & rarities. Cosmos Kidz is aiming to build a cartoon brand, with ventures including the Cosmos Kid comic series, toys / action figures & more. One of our major goals is to bring the characters to life, our comic will be the first step in doing this. Cosmos Kidz will be an ever expanding universe, full of curiosity & opportunity.

The Cosmos brand is always expanding. Introducing new things like our webstore, custom merch, our own marketplace, & real life events… Being a NFT holder will get you access to these exclusive benefits & the ability to license your character.

Cosmos Kidz will create and invent unique experiences, bringing life & smiles to families across the world.

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